Lenticular Film

Many colour systems occur in both film and photography, following the same photographic principles, but introduced under different names at different times – three strip Technicolor corresponds to Koday Dye Transfer, Gasparcolor to Cibachrome, and so forth. However, due to its opaque substrate, salt and dye diffusion processes such as Polaroid instant photgraphs are unique to photography while only transparent film substrates allow embossing cylinder lenses into the film carrier itself to allow for three colour additive color systems using projection filters. Those are so-called lenticular colour systems, such as the first Agfacolor film, seen here in a microscopic photograph produced by HTW conservation/restoration students. We are delighted that we shall learn more on lenticular films in a presentation by ERC Advanced Grant Film Colors’ scientists, Giorgio Trumpy and David Pfluger at our Colour in Film Conference. More information on lenticular colour systems can be found on the Timeline of Historical Film Colors at https://zauberklang.ch/filmcolors/cat/lenticular-screen/.

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