We are happy to announce the exhibition, MICROSCOPY OF HISTORICAL FILM COLOURS, taking place on the premises of the School of Culture and Design, University of Applied Sciences – HTW Berlin (Wilhelminenhofstraße 75A, 12459 Berlin, Germany). The exhibition opens on Friday, July 21, 1pm in conjunction with the ‘Werkschau’ event of HTW’s School of Culture and Design, and remains open for a week (see below for opening times and location).

Originally planned ersity of Zurich and supported by HTW’s FNK Commission, the on-site exhibition (to accompany the online gallery at the Timeline of Historical Film Colors) has been pandemically delayed since the project’s conclusion, but has not become any less intriguing since and can finally take place now.

In the project, historical film color samples stemming from the Koshofer Collection have been microscopically investigated at the conservation-scientific facilities of HTW Berlin. The intriguing and often stunning photomicrographs showcase the relationship between the photographic image, the material and chemical composition and the three-dimensional structure unique to the analog moving image heritage in color, while exhibiting their own peculiar beauty.

Join us for a display of this imagery along with the opportunity to witness actual live microscopy and marvel at original objects from colour film’s versatile history!

Location: Campus Wilhelminenhof, Bulding A, room 024
Opening times: Friday, July 21, 1pm-5pm
Saturday, July 22, 1pm-5pm
Tuesday, July 25, 10am-2pm
Wednesday, July 26, 10am-2pm
Thursday, July 27, 2pm-4pm
Friday, July 28, 10am-2pm

Image: photomicrograph of a Pantachrom sample (1938-39), G. Koshofer Collection; from the Microscopy Project HTW Berlin and University of Zurich ( Photograph by Sreya Chatterjee, HTW Berlin.